Financial Calculators Release

May 2022 - CAN
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A Powerful Platform that combines all of your needed tools!

The CAN provides a multi-user, collaborative, web-based, robust file/case management software along with multiple intake methods, detailed organizational results reporting tools, grant management, donor and volunteer management, and state of the art collaboration opportunities designed with the specific needs of the non-profit org into account.

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The CAN has designed a revolutionary way for all Applicants and their families to find assistance, interact with qualified non-profits, as well as provide a secure, safe place to store important documents and utilize other resources.

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Prominent Network Partners

The Coordinated Assistance Network is pleased to partner with non-profit organizations, providers and agencies from all social service sectors to offer the most inclusive platform. We look forward to the continued success of our network partners, as we learn and grow together.

Major Network Supporters

The Coordinated Assistance Network is made possible in part by the outstanding leadership and support of the following organizations