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Welcome to the VFW National Home, a beacon of support for military, veterans, and their families with children. Established in 1925, our organization has been dedicated to providing a foundation of services and resources, empowering families to achieve their personal and familial goals in a positive, safe, and healthy environment.

At the VFW National Home, we operate a Transitional Housing Program specifically designed for Military, Veteran, and Auxiliary families with children. Our unique approach to assistance requires a commitment to relocating to Eaton Rapids, Michigan, where our dedicated houses and programs are situated.

Our founding principle stems from the belief that America has a responsibility to care for the children and families of those who sacrificed for our nation. The VFW National Home stands as a place of healing, support, and refuge, ensuring that families can stay together, maintaining the family circle even when their servicemember doesn't return home.

While initially established to address the needs of families left behind by war, our mission has evolved over the decades to meet the changing challenges faced by today's families. Whether it's navigating reintegration, dealing with post-traumatic stress, overcoming high unemployment, or supporting rehabilitation from battlefield injuries, the VFW National Home is committed to adapting and responding to the evolving needs of our military and veteran families.

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