What is the Coordinated Assistance Network (CAN)

Welcome to the Coordinated Assistance Network (CAN). Established in 2011, the CAN is a portal to meet the demands of the changing world we live in with a goal of making people’s lives better. The CAN is dedicated to closing the gap of health equity through a number of pillars, which empowers service providers to deliver sound remedies no matter the applicants social, economic, demographic or geographic differences. The CAN is a portal where applicants can simplify their search for a wide variety of support, as needed. One request connects the applicant to multiple non-profits partners who are in a position to help an applicant, based on applicant criteria and need. Applicants can not only request assistance, but are able to securely store, share and electronically sign documents, communicate with providers, manage personal finances, set tasks, and much more, through the HIPPA compliant platform. The CAN is always free of charge to applicants.

The CAN creates opportunities to enrich lives through powerful fintech tools, HUD housing programs, employment initiatives and education solutions. Simply put, the CAN is an intersection of philanthropy, impact and measurement. While economic equity and endurance are forefront of the CAN for applicants, the system is a powerful resource for non-profits and stakeholders to embrace the change 2020 has exposed. A full suite of technology tools is available for non-profits to perform nearly every function of a day-to-day operation, ultimately streamlining their services to those who need them the most. Applicants are offered self-help tools within their dashboard to assess and learn, while enabling them to become part of their own solution. When they require more assistance, they have the ability to make a request and be connected to local and national programs with one application. The CAN maximizes opportunities for non-profit partners to meet the needs of applicants simply and effectively. The CAN understands the frustration applicants endure by repeatedly providing the same information to multiple service providers. The CAN is well on its way to be a portal of connectivity and change, which opens a world of new opportunities for the greater social public.