CAN is pleased to offer opportunities for applicants to connect with certified and accredited counselors and/or caregivers. As non-profit partners often look for individuals to enhance their programs, CAN promotes employment opportunities for both monetary benefit and practicum hours credit. Counselors and/or caregivers can review job openings or use the CAN as a secure workspace on their own. Registration is free and you control the level of your availability. Many applicants receiving assistance through the CAN are in dire need of personal coaching/counseling to help them navigate circumstances. A CAN goal is to facilitate emergency intervention when needed. Counselors can participate with applicants at their own pace or work directly with a partner to deliver their skillset.

In addition to financial counseling and planning, there are opportunities for certified and accredited Veteran’s benefits counselors, caregivers employment counselors, mental health/wellness counselors, marriage and family counselors to name a few.